Destined For Victory - Paul Sheppard

Program Rates

We have a daytime signal of 11,000 watts. During the day our signal extends to Austin, Kerrville, Cotaulla, and Schulenburg. Our night time signal covers San Antonio. We cover more than 2.3 million people including San Antonio and New Braunfels.

  • Sample Program

    Send us your sample program on CD or in MP3 format via the Internet. (FTP upload instructions are available upon request at The total of the program should be two minutes shorter than the time. (28:00 for a 30 minute program) Included at the end of the program should be a phrase similar to: “This program was paid for by the (church name).” This is required by the government agency regulating radio stations.

    The program will be evaluated for air quality and program style.

  • Time and Rate

    You will be offered several times and rates on Saturday or Sunday. The rate is reflective of the potential audience for that time. During the daytime hours, KDRY covers San Antonio, as well as many small towns around the area, including the south side of Austin. During nighttime hours, KDRY covers the San Antonio area only.

  • Contract

    The minimum contract is for six months. Contract does provide a two week cancellation clause. First month payment is required in advance.

  • Program Delivery

    Your program must be received by KDRY by Wednesday for the weekend, via the Internet to our FTP site.